Fairtrade Horsham

Get Involved

Why get involved?

It is good for you to exercise your creative and oganisational skills.  And potential employers recognise that involvement in a voluntary group shows that you have the skills they need as an employee.  Working as a volunteer for Fairtrade Horsham could give you the opportunity to add that something extra on your cv which makes it stand out from the others. The Fairtrade Horsham committee want you to succeed, and will do everything they can to help you to be successful.

Help on a Stall

Horsham Fairtrade runs stalls from time to time.  The organiser creates a rota of pairs of volunteers to distribute information and talk to people.  The stall is set up at the start and tidied away afterwards by additional volunteers.

Could you help on a stall for an hour or two with a more experienced volunteer?  Perhaps you prefer to help carry the the stall and its materials from a nearby vehicle, and put up posters?  Would you like to organise an event with support from the group?

Help with Campaigns

In order to increase the use of Fairtrade in organisations such as Businesses, or Schools, Fairtrade Horsham runs campaigns.  Each campaign needs a team made up of a leader and a couple of assistants.

Support and Backup

Fairtrade Horsham has a small steering committee which meets about 6 times a year to decide what can be done to promote Fairtrade in the Horsham area.  The number of Events and Campaigns is limited by the energy of this small group and a few other volunteers.  Much more could be done to benefit the people of developing countries if more of us would donate a little time to this important issue.

For instance, could you assist by writing the minutes of the meetings, or maintaining the email list, or writing a Press Release or two, perhaps help organise another Salsa evening, or a Party, or the Businesses Campaign, or helping someone else to do these things?

Perhaps you live somewhere outside of Horsham and want to start your own Fairtrade town group, but just need a little help to get organised?

For more information email: john@fairtradehorsham.org.uk

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Oh, and it is also fun!

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