Fairtrade Horsham

A Fairer Easter for People and Planet

Horsham has been a Fairtrade town since 2005 and we are lucky to have so many shops and cafes which offer Fairtrade products, giving farmers and producers a better deal. Fairtrade Fortnight, which ended on March 8th, had Climate Justice as its theme this year, reflecting the importance of climate change for farmers in the developing world. Many of them are already seeing its impact in droughts, crop disease, floods and heatwaves.

Fairtrade and Climate Justice

Fairtrade means that farmers and producers receive a fair price for their products and that they have safe working conditions. In addition, they receive a Fairtrade premium which they can choose to spend as they see fit.  Fairtrade farmers and producers adhere to a set of environmental protection standardsand they are encouraged to learn about environmentally friendly practices.  Many spend their Fairtrade premium on measures to alleviate the impacts of climate change.

How we can support Fairtrade and Climate Justice

Two suggestions:

There is a huge range of Fairtrade products available. From tea, coffee and bananas through to clothing, wine, gold, flowers and chocolate. 

For a Fairer Easter

Why not switch to Easter eggs made with delicious Fairtrade chocolate? Helping cocoa farmers and the planet.  Fairtrade Easter eggs are stocked in many supermarkets, including the Co-Op, and a wide range is also available online from:

  • Local Fairtrade chocolate company ‘Cocoa Loco’  www.cocoaloco.com
  • Our local Fairtrade shop ‘FairKind Child’ in Piries Place  www.shop.fairkindchild.co.uk
  • Traidcraft at www.traidcraftshop.co.uk. Traidcraft sell Easter eggs from Fairtrade brand Divine and the Meaningful Chocolate Company.

The packaging for all these Fairtrade Easter eggs is plastic free.

Also, Fairtrade cooking chocolate to nibble, melt and bake is available from our local ‘Zero Waste Bulk Foods’ www.zerowastebulkfoods.co.uk

Buying Fairtrade chocolate helps cocoa farmers, many of whom are women struggling to earn enough to provide for their families and to send their children to school.  You can find out more about Fairtrade chocolate here https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/farmers-and-workers/cocoa  and read cocoa farmer Rosine’s story https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/farmers-and-workers/cocoa

Supporting the Climate Justice campaign and buying Fairtrade at Easter, and throughout the year, will help to protect the planet and give farmers and producers the chance to build a secure livelihood and a positive future for their children.

More Ideas for a Fairer Easter for People and Planet

With some simple swaps you can enjoy a fairer, more sustainable Easter. Check out Horsham Eco Churches guest blog on Sussex Green Living’s website for more ideas. 


Wishing you a very Happy, Sustainable and Fairtrade Easter!

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