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Fairtrade Horsham is a not-for-profit group whose aim is to promote the use of Fairtrade products in the Horsham area.
The Fairtrade Logo is a quality mark which ensures that producers in the Third World get a fair price for the products we can buy in our supermarkets and local outlets.
The use of the Fairtrade Mark is supervised by the Fairtrade Foundation.

 The Horsham Fairtrade Christmas Market will be on Saturday 26th November 2016 at St. Johns RC Church Hall from 10 am until 4pm. 

The Church hall is near Wilko.  We are expecting exciting Fairtrade traders such as:
Kor SigaLove That Stuff,  Mary Crerar,  Moyna BridgeNi Ka DeluxOxfam,  Peridata,  Script,  Stella Walls for CafodTamasheqVineyard Fairtrade Shop,  and Corrie Cort.

There will be children's games and face painting.

All the proceeds of the Café go to Medicins San Frontier.

Horsham Fairtrade Christmas Market
Buying Fairtrade gives third world producers a merry Christmas

The Fairtrade Smoothie Bike was a great success. 300 free smoothies were enjoyed on Saturday 28th February as part of the 2015 Fairtrade fortnight celebrations in Swan Walk organised by Fairtrade Horsham. All ages took turns to pedal the human powered liquidiser to make smoothies from fruit donated by the local supermarkets, Sainsbury's, Tescos, and The Cooperative.

Pictures from Fairtrade Fortnight in Horsham
Fairtrade Smoothie Bike

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